Friends in times of turmoil | Consul General Wacław T. Dobrzyński p.6
IN TIMES OF TURMOIL THE STORY OF CONSUL DOBRZYŃSKI, THE FIRST POLISH DIPLOMAT TO IRELAND This historical exhibition tells the story of the birth of diplomatic relations and friendship between the young states of Ireland and Poland in the 20th century, as seen by Consul-general Wacław T. Dobrzyński.
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Consul General Wacław T. Dobrzyński p.6



During World War Two, in the absence of an actual government in occupied Poland, Consul Dobrzyński represented the Polish Government-in-Exile. It was founded in Paris in 1939 and was based in London from 1940. The Government was recognised by the Allied powers as the legitimate Polish government up until the Yalta Conference in 1945. Ireland, however, granted it recognition up until 1957—the longest out of all democratic countries. Dobrzyński’s 25 years of diplomatic work was undoubtedly one of the elements that contributed to the Irish position. Moreover, Ireland’s refusal to recognise Communist Poland up until 1963 may have been a factor in why the USSR vetoed Ireland’s accession to the United Nations on two occasions.





Top left: Rebuilding of The Old Town, Warsaw, 1953 (National Digital Archive in Warsaw)

Bottom left: Grafton Street, Dublin, (Courtesy of the National Library, VAL 1678)

Top right: Ignacy Jan Paderewski speaking at the Inaugural Session of the National Council in Exile, Paris, 1939 (Courtesy of the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum, London)