Friends in times of turmoil | Consul General Wacław T. Dobrzyński p.5
IN TIMES OF TURMOIL THE STORY OF CONSUL DOBRZYŃSKI, THE FIRST POLISH DIPLOMAT TO IRELAND This historical exhibition tells the story of the birth of diplomatic relations and friendship between the young states of Ireland and Poland in the 20th century, as seen by Consul-general Wacław T. Dobrzyński.
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Consul General Wacław T. Dobrzyński p.5

World War II 1939–1945


‘What was she (Poland) to do? Was it with Hitler against Russia, or with Russia against Hitler? Either of those courses—if the alternative deserves that definition at all—would be inacceptable (sic).

In the first case there would follow an immediate loss by Poland of her Western lands and in the second, of her Eastern lands. In both cases a complete loss of independence would only be a question of time’.


Dobrzyński memoire



Photo: A Polish boy returns to what was his home and squats among the ruins during a pause in the German air raids on Warsaw, Poland, September 1939 (Julien Bryan/ Steven Spielberg Archive. Courtesy of Sam K. Bryan)