Friends in times of turmoil | Consul General Wacław T. Dobrzyński p.3
IN TIMES OF TURMOIL THE STORY OF CONSUL DOBRZYŃSKI, THE FIRST POLISH DIPLOMAT TO IRELAND This historical exhibition tells the story of the birth of diplomatic relations and friendship between the young states of Ireland and Poland in the 20th century, as seen by Consul-general Wacław T. Dobrzyński.
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Consul General Wacław T. Dobrzyński p.3



‘(…) I decided on a rather bold move which, more unexpectedly than otherwise, succeeded. I suggested to the Ministerial authorities that I should return to Dublin and continue to carry out my duties on an honorary basis, that is, as an unpaid official (…). It was then that a very happy stage in my career was inaugurated. I was still in the position to serve my country, limited as my possibilities were (…) I made many Irish friends and toured the country, swimming in all the seas surrounding the Emerald Isle. The rest of my leisure I misspent in futile efforts to reduce a hopeless golf handicap.’


Dobrzyński memoir


Photo: Reception at Kilcroney House, Co. Wicklow, hosted by Dobrzyński in July 1935 (Cantwell Family Archives)