Friends in times of turmoil | Consul General Wacław T. Dobrzyński p.2
IN TIMES OF TURMOIL THE STORY OF CONSUL DOBRZYŃSKI, THE FIRST POLISH DIPLOMAT TO IRELAND This historical exhibition tells the story of the birth of diplomatic relations and friendship between the young states of Ireland and Poland in the 20th century, as seen by Consul-general Wacław T. Dobrzyński.
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Consul General Wacław T. Dobrzyński p.2



‘These were hectic days in Irish Politics. The country was then known as the Irish Free State (Saorstát Éireann), and I still cannot help marvelling at what an admirable definition it was to express the very essentials of the new State: it was Irish, it was free, at any rate, on its way to become completely free, but it was not yet Ireland, in other words—the whole of the island united not only nationally but politically as well.’


Dobrzyński memoir



Photo: View of Westmoreland Street from O’Connell Bridge c. 1930–1950 (Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland , VAL1679)